This blog is by Michael Chermside.

I can be reached in several ways.

Email: mcherm@mcherm.com

Phone: 610-810-1806

Address: 2936 Morris Rd. / Ardmore, PA 1903

And here is a link to my resume, in your choice of 3 different formats:

MS Word




4 Responses to “About”

  1. Uncle Bruce on 2008-04-01 4:06 pm

    If you’re a creaky old man, what am I? And where the hell are the pictures of your babies?

  2. mcherm on 2008-04-02 1:54 pm

    Sorry about moving the link to the pictures. For the moment they’re still at “http://mcherm.com/pictures”. I’ve found a new location for putting pictures… you’ll find more recent pictures at “http://mcherm.zenfolio.com/”, but the older ones are not there yet. Email me if you need an invite.

  3. Terry Jones on 2008-07-25 7:54 am

    Hey Michael!

    Send a mail sometime – assuming you remember me. I taught algorithms to your classmates at Earlham in ’91 or so. You already knew everything… :-)


  4. Linda on 2012-05-28 5:42 am

    Can’t get a reply from your email, maybe it has changed, can you email me please re Chermsides?


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