How Wierd Is That!

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On reddit, I recently answered a question which I thought was rather interesting. Read more

A random selection algorithm

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Suppose you want to select k things randomly from a list of n items, with no duplicates. Read more

The Butterfly Bug

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Edward Lorenz died this past Thursday at age 90. This is as good an excuse as I will ever have to recount the story of his discovery (which I first learned from the book Chaos by James Gleick). It is a tale of math and the proper use of computers. Read more

When Spheres Collide

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If I can’t use my own blog to post nicely worked out math problems, then what good is it?

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The Quadratic Equation

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I was in middle school taking Algebra I when someone, probably another student, said I should open the textbook to a page about 3/4 of the way into the book. They pointed to a terribly complicated equation and said “you’ll have to learn THAT”. Read more