Things my next phone should have

After looking at the iPhone 5, I see people saying that phones already have everything they need… nothing new will happen. That’s completely absurd. There are tons of little things, for instance I want a browser that can do everything the PC browsers can do. But there are also HUGE changes needed. Here are some things that I want for my phone:


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  1. Flyer on 2014-06-11 10:28 am

    Phone and tablets can still talk to the consumer and effectively take orders and execute it accurately.
    However, someone like you with thick Indian accent needs to work on your accent (which probably not gonna help much..LOL) rather than bitching about the current state of mobile tech.

  2. mcherm on 2014-06-11 3:22 pm

    That’s two random semi-coherent comments you have left in my blog which were crafted to be offensive to those of Indian descent. I’m a big fan of free speech and letting everyone have their say, but I am not even remotely a fan of what you are saying.

    If you want to participate, find something worthwhile to say.

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